Racing Games

Moon truck

Have you ever driven in the moon before? Try this one to experience right away.

Tropical Karting

Try racing in tropical karting and experience the difference.

Desert Strike

Desert strike is an exciting racing game which you will never get bored. The weapon diversity and game play will keep you entertained. Grab the wheel of your car and drive along this desert strike. Collect the coins and the weapon upgrades that come in your way. Be careful of the land mines and the oil puddles in your way.

Punk Biker

Begin a new race with this awesome punk race game. With new and exciting graphics. You got a cool bike and a tuned out helmet to go with that cool punk attitude. Collect all coins and catch the finish line as fast as you can. Use the arrow keys to control your bike.

Rally Point 2: Dirt Track Racing Game

Choose your favorite car and get ready to race.

Off-Roader V6

You can blast through three types of area in many different vehicles in this 3D driving game. Each one has a powerful V6 engine, even the bus! Go out of the road or just stick to the street. It's all up to you! Have fun!

Neon Biker

Help this biker finish one of the most challenging race tracks. There will have some insane stunts and your mission is help him keep balance along his race. Have fun!

Cube City Racing

Racing in the city, who is better than you? Let's find out. Find someone play with you and see who is the winner. Follow arrows on the road and try not to get lost.

Fly Car Stunt

Racing car now has flying things, you can create your frying be more cooler but remember to win so you can watch it later. Have fun!

Moto Rush

This is a crazy rush ever! Use your skill to win this race. You the mode you want and get ready. All the instruction is on the screen.

Uphill Rush

Using you technical skills to win all levels of this game, you will have a precious trophy as a reward after winning.

Death Chase

In this game, you will race with other cars to take the number 1 place. Get over obstacles on the way and collect coins to get upgrade your car.

Earn to Die 2: Exodus

Control your car to get out of zombie land and get to the rescue plane on time. Crush every zombie if you can and upgrade your car to finish the stage. You can choose another car if you finish the first level. Good luck!

Happy Wheels

Complete all levels with Happy Wheels - the most popular game in the world. There are also obstacles which will make you bleeding a lot and your mission is using skills to get over it with less damage. Have fun!


Pillars is a spaceship racing game that you just have to use movement keys to control. Avoid obstacle on your way also helps you win finally. Play with computer or another player if you want.

Kore Karts

Experience your racing skills with Kore Karts. You just have to choose a stage to race and number of laps. Have fun!

River race

Two ships on the race. Let's see which one will approach the finish line first. Try to take it with your friend to get more interesting.

Mountain Climb Racing

Let's race with bunnies. You just need to use one key to move and try to win as fast as you can.

Racing Games

Racing with your friend and remember to avoid all obstacles you see on the road.

G-Switch 2

G-Switch 2 is a racing game which can have max eight players to play. Your goal is to avoid obstacles by changing gravity of the rider and be the first one to finish line. Control your character by arrow keys carefully and win. Have fun!


Let's race with 3D ATV Rider! Avoid obstacles and cars, hold SHIFT key to speed up and catch the finish line.

3D Urban madness 2

Get through all obstacles and win the game with 3D Urban madness. Control your car with arrow keys and avoid other cars, traps on the street.

Supercar rivals

Racing with supercars will give you a whole new feeling with speed. Pick your favorite one and begin the race. All of these cars are the best in the world, try to win and earn money to buy new one. The more money you have, the better car you can have. Enjoy!

Super mario rush

Race as Mario - the most popular character in the world game. Now character in Mario's game will race together to find winner. Choose your favorite and defeat the others and don't forget to collect items and coins to get highest score. Have fun!

Super Drift 3D

If you like racing game, you cannot miss Super Drift 3D - The best car racing ever!!! Take down your opponent to reach the finish line. Try time trials mode to save your best result to the test. Let's race!!!

Canyon Valley Rally

Race with jeeps in the canyon where have big rocks as struggles of the race. Avoid all of them and win as fast as you can.

Sky Driver Extreme

Have you tried to race on sky road? Try this game right away. You will race on road in the sky and if you fall off or win after the time running out, you will lose. You can also play with your friend in two players mode. There are all 10 levels to reach. Have fun!

Drag Racer v3

Buy a car which you feel fast enough to win and start the race. Do not race in number 1 or 2 mode, you will lose immediately because of broke engine. You may want to start with 4 or 5 to win the game. Good luck!

Renegade Racing

Race with 12 different vehicles, try to take no.1 place and win as fast as you can. But first, choose an amazing car to do it. Have fun!