AC Plano

AC Plano

Fly and compete with your jet in 3D surroundings in the latest iteration of the survival fighting plane racing game known as AC Plano. Have you ever fantasized of piloting a highly customized jet that is essentially a lethal weapon? Experience a hard racing scenario with intriguing levels, power ups, and genuine 3D physics landscapes as you play with individualized World War 2 aircraft that have been modified. The most realistic fighter plane simulator available today!


How To Play

  • Arrow keys (Up, Down, Left, Right) Keys for player 1 - Turn: Left | Right | Up | Down
  • Booster: X
  • Break: C
  • Power-up: Space
  • Camera: N
  • Pause: P or Escape
  • Player 2 movement Keys - WASD keys (W, A, S, D) Keys for player 2

You can set your own keys also.

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