Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing

Get ready for the longest road trip ever with Hill Climb Racing! Drive up and down the hills and upgrade your vehicles with this addictive game!

Embark on an Endless Road Trip with Hill Climb Racing!

Put your maneuvering skills to the ultimate test with Hill Climb Racing! Take control of a car and drive it through an endless road full of hills and rough bumps! Perform crazy stunts and collect coins on your way in order to upgrade your old car into a supertruck so you can get past hills with ease! After finishing a level, you can upgrade your vehicles by buying new equipment or unlocking a brand new vehicle for the next level. One thing that you should not forget is that the fuel must be loaded continuously, because once it reaches the red zone, the time you are in the game will end soon. Acquire tons of vehicles, unlock more stages, and become the best driver the world has ever seen!

Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based driving game that challenges players to reach the farthest place they possibly can with a variety of different vehicles. Originally released as a mobile game back in 2012, the game has amassed a large fanbase thanks to its simple two-button controls, hilarious physics, and extremely addictive gameplay. Fortunately, you can enjoy this game on your favorite web browser with just a click of a button. Try out Hill Climb Racing and begin your journey today!

How To Play

Gameplay Basics

The game begins with players having only one car and one stage to progress. Players can begin their first road trip and try their best to keep the car on the road for as long as they can. During the journey, there are two crucial things to take note of: the fuel level of the car and the safety of the driver. Players can refill the fuel level by taking the red gas canisters while on track. They can also check the distance from the car to the nearest gas canister by looking at the number displayed on the fuel level bar. The road trip will come to an end either when the fuel level runs out or the driver is injured (usually from having his neck broken, yikes!).

Unfortunately, the starter car is by no means the best one, but it can be upgraded with the coins scattered on the road. One good source of income is by reaching a certain distance mark in a stage, which will award players with tons of coins. Performing a few tricks, such as backflips, will give players extra coins as well. In addition, players can acquire a myriad of different vehicles and additional stages to keep their adventure engaging. Since some vehicles work better on certain stages than others, be sure to save up and acquire them all!


Hill Climb Racing features extremely simple controls. All players have to do is use two buttons to control the vehicle. The gas button enables the car to speed up and steer to the back, while the brake button slows the car down and steers it to the front. These buttons are crucial in keeping the car balanced, so the car won’t flip and give the poor driver a broken neck.

Despite having only two buttons, players will soon find out that it is a lot harder to maneuver the vehicle than they thought. Some roads may be too bumpy or steep for the car to pass through, while some vehicles can be harder to control than others. However, these challenges only add fun to the game and keep players on their toes as they try to reach the farthest place they could ever be!

Discover the Unique Features

  • Extremely addictive gameplay!
  • Simple controls, but hard to master!
  • Tons of different vehicles to choose from, ranging from everyday cars to a…carantula!
  • Experience a variety of stages to drive, each with its own gimmicks and challenges!

Driving to Victory: Top Tips and Tricks for Hill Climb Racing

  • Only speed up when it is necessary: While this may sound strange, Hill Climb Racing is not exactly the kind of game that encourages you to drive as fast as you can. When your vehicle is going too fast, you may fly past fuel, or worse, you risk breaking your neck due to not balancing the vehicle in time! Hence, it is best to take it slow and steady if your plan is to go for as long as possible.
  • Know how to balance the vehicle: You may think that the brake is redundant in this game, but it is one of the most important buttons to keep your road trip going strong! Use the brake whenever your vehicle is about to flip backward, and vice versa with the gas button. In addition, you can also balance the car while in mid-air with a combination of brake and gas buttons.
  • Invest in the right kinds of upgrades: There are four different upgrade options available for each vehicle. Depending on the difficulty you are facing while trying to set a new record, you may consider purchasing these upgrades:
      • Engine: Upgrade this when you cannot climb steeper hills.
      • Suspension: Upgrade this when the road is too bumpy and you face difficulty keeping the car balanced.
      • Tires: Upgrade this to accelerate and brake more accurately.
      • 4WD: Upgrade this to have a better handle on your car. 4WD pairs well with the suspension upgrade.
  • Unlock more vehicles to progress better in different stages: Hill Climb Racing features a wide variety of vehicles, such as trucks, motorcycles, cars, and even tanks! Not only do they offer tons of fun with unique controls, some vehicles also fare better when it comes to certain stages. For example, the Artic stage can be extremely slippery for most vehicles, but a snowmobile will make your journey a breeze!

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