Drift Boss

Drift Boss

Drift Boss is an intense drifting and racing game where players compete in high-speed drift competitions. Players are challenged to master power slides via various tracks and circumstances thanks to the game's realistic drifting mechanics and controls. Players begin with lower tier vehicles that can only be slightly customized, but they can earn in-game currency to improve their coilover suspension, tires, engines, and other features. Even more power is delivered by the updated vehicles, enabling longer, smokier slides.

Learning maneuvers like feint drifts, inertia drifts, and transitioning between drift and grip modes are all part of the drifting mechanics. To receive high marks from the judges, players must strike a balance between speed, angle, and showmanship. Over 50 story-based drift events on various tracks and in various weather situations may be found in Drift Boss. The realistic settings include both downhill courses that are open and spacious as well as narrow, difficult trails. Players compete to win competitions and unlocked new vehicles.

A captivating drift racing experience centered on skill-based drifting mechanisms and extensive customization is provided by the game. Drift Boss gives players a chance to experience the rush of competitive power sliding with realistic physics, upgrade advancement, and dozens of drift competitions.

How To Play

Activate booster to make your run easier

Hold Spacebar or click to make the car go right

Release Spacebar or click to make the car go left

Steer the car to the right or left by mouse

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