Racing Games

Turbo racer

Control the car to avoid obstacles as long as you can to go to the next round. Use your mouse to

Dino Run Marathon of Doom

You're not extinct yet, little dinosaur. Run as fast as you can. Chow down on baby eggs and smaller animals for power ups and catch a ride with some wandering pterodactyl friends!  Arrow Pad: Run, Jump, Duck

SuperBike Racer

Race for number 1 position against other

Kick Buttowski

Choose your favorite vehicle and show your best racing performance. Using the instruction on the

American racing 2

You will have to race with 60 other cars and win the race. Use boost button when you need it and don't let your car explode. Use the ARROW KEYS or WASD to control the car. Press [X] to

Kart fighter

Take your go-kart around the world and race on tracks built in famous landmarks! Earn money to purchase upgrades and get an advantage on the next competition. Up Arrow - AccelerateSpace Bar - BrakeLeft/Right Arrows - SteerDown Arrow -

Truck launch maniac

Drive the monster truck off the ramp with the arrow keys. Go as fast as you can to get points which you can spend on upgrading. Try to complete all 8

Uphill rush 4

Choose the type of racing you want and start the race right away. There are many views to see and do here! Make sure you collect cash so you can unlock more stuff! Good luck and have a jolly good time!Arrow keys control your vehicleSpace bar does tricks


Choose a character and do some crazy tricks to earn some rewards. The money you earn after a race can help you upgrade your motorbike. Have

X Trial Racing Mountain Adventure

There are several radical stunt courses that you need to finish. You can choose your own motorbike if you have enough stars to unlock it. Try to complete all levels without hitting or crashing any of your body parts. Have

Highway Bike Simulator

Are you ready for the unlimited speed and a lot of andrenaline on the coolest roads? Drive in three unique locations: Desert, Snow, Forest and enjoy the thrill bought buy the speed and the danger the awaits you on the

Zombie Motocross

Race as a zombie at cemetery with other zombies and you will go to the next level if you win. It's easy to play and defeat other opponents. Try it

3D Quad Bike Racing

Drift and boost your way to the finish line as you challenge your racers for the ultimate victory!    Controls:Accelerate - Up arrow keyTurn - Left/right arrow keysBrake - Spacebar

Stunt Mania 3

Make awesome stunts and catch the gold medal in all 10 levels of Stunt Mania 3. All the instruction is on the

Grand Pix Hero

Race through continents, boost your speed, collect coins and upgrade your car for the next race. Use your keyboard to

Africa Jeep Race

Join the race and try to win other racers with your skills. Recognize items in the race and get them to have more advantages.

Moto Trial Racing 2

Race your rivals in 10 challenge levels with your vehicle. Buy new vehicle and upgrade them to be the fastest car.

Minicar race

A super race between mini carsis waiting for you on top of the moutain. You can choose to race with your friend or you can race with the CPU. Have fun!

Fly car stunt 2

Fly Car Stunt serries continue with a brand new version. In this new one, you will racing under pressure which are swinging sledgehammers, axes, saws, electrical shocks, underground nails.... They may slow you down but stay focus to the race and you won't be lagged behind.  Controls: Player 1Move: W,A,S,DNitro:

Super Racing GT: Drag Pro

Test your racing skills with Super Racing GT: Drag Pro. Earn money after each level to upgrade your vehicle and prepare for the next one with higher difficulity. Enjoy the game!Use your mouse to

Desktop Racing

Controls: Left arrow: Balance leftRight arrow: Balance rightDown arrow: BackwardUp arrow: ForwardEsc: PauseZ: TurboSpace:

Diesel and Death

Diesel and Death! Let's race or lose. Use arrow keys to move and Space to powerup

Spy car

Complete mission as a spy car, shoot down all enemies you see on the road and avoid obstacles. Upgrade your car by the money you earn in the last level. Have fun! All the in structions are on the screen.

Grand Prix Hero

In Grand Prix Hero, you just have to control the direction of your car. If you want to speed up, drive your car to speed item on the road. Collect as many coins as you can before the race ends. Have fun!

Simpsons Bike Rally

Choose one character and race with the Simpsons. You have to win the race to go to the next round, any second or third place will not be accepted. Have fun!

Uphill Rush 3

Choose your favorite character and take some great movements with Uphill Rush 3.

Soviet Bike

Control your character and ride your bike. Keep from tipping over as you collect all Soviet red stars. Reach checkpoints for saves.

Uphill Rush 2

This amazing Uphill Rush 2 will make you surprised because of its risky movements. Control your character and show some spectacular jumps to gain more points. After a level, you can also buy new clothes or upgrade your vehicles by the coins you have made. And the more expensive vehicle you use, the more chances you can win. Have fun!

Dirt Showdown

Dirt Showdown is a 3D racing game which can satisfy your racing passion. Race with your opponents, try the carmageddon mode and unlock new trucks and upgrades.

Super Trucks 3D

Come and join racing with Super Trucks 3D which is one of the best racing game in all time.

Super Race

Try your best to be the first one catch the finish line. Using boost button when you can to get over the others.

Roller Rider

Racing with more adventure. Driving without using hands. Collect as many items as possible and try not to fall out.