Low Poly Smash Cars

Low Poly Smash Cars

Be the last surviving car in Low Poly Smash Cars's harsh arena. Destroy all aggressive opponents, protect your health bar, and advance to the next match. Let's begin the match with a dive into exhilarating collisions, creating massive destruction. This game excels in both graphics and gameplay. Each impact feels incredibly real, with immersive sound and visuals. Experience this battlefield once in your lifetime. No matter how fierce the opponents are, this is your playground, so crush them with the stunning car you initially chose. Are you ready to unlock all of the locked levels ahead? Enjoy your gaming time!

Game Features

  • Swipe to choose from seven car models with diverse colors: yellow, red, white, orange, etc.
  • This game provides ten thrilling challenge levels that you shouldn't overlook.
  • Challenges and dangerous race tracks put every driver's talent to the test.
  • The stunning graphics provide a realistic sensation down to every detail.

How To Play

Move: Arrow keys/ WASD

One Small Tip For You

To engage the handbrake, press the spacebar.

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