Fury Road Zombie Crash

Fury Road Zombie Crash

Fury Road Zombie Crash brings you to a thrilling environment full of scary zombies. To survive, drive your car and eliminate these formidable enemies. Probably the best fusion of survival horror and racing games, this environment makes one experience hair-raising. Everything about it makes a big impression—sound and image alike, arousing both exhilaration and terror. Hungry ghosts continuously approach your location in this game. Players must therefore ensure quickness and devise a clever plan in order to battle opponents. At the same time, you should protect yourself from their attacks.The only goal remains to survive until the last minute.

The expansion options are a crucial aspect of this remarkable game. After each heart-stopping round, this game will give you specific incentives. When it comes to unlocking amazing things, this element serves as the key that owns them. These may include models of cars, guns, and so on. In addition, you can choose to customize the upgrade to suit each of your own criteria. One thing is clear: every time you improve and reach certain new milestones, you gradually get stronger. In addition to this, the equipment you accumulate and possess will also enhance its impact. From that point on, overcoming challenges will become easier.

How To Play

  • Move your car = WASD/ Arrow keys
  • Handbrake = Spacebar
  • Nitro = N

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