Battle On Road

Battle On Road

A terrifying gun battle is taking place in Battle On Road, in which you are transformed into a skilled gunman. You will have to face many enemies alone. This is a truly interesting experience when your enemies attack not only on the ground but also from above. They shoot guns and weapons at you a lot. To be able to fight them, players need to accumulate enough money to upgrade their weapons. Then the damage level is also higher, and the enemy is destroyed faster. Additionally, the design of your gun ensures automatic firing, requiring the player to only move towards the target to fire. Above all, try to survive as long as possible. Your goal should be to reach the end of the city. Are you prepared for this battle?

How To Play

Hold down the mouse button and move it to the object you want to destroy.

Tips And Tricks

Since the gun is set up automatically, the player only needs to direct it at the target. Be sure to shoot down the bomb barrels before they reach you and explode. Accumulate a lot of money to upgrade your car.

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