Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver

Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver

In this driving Police Chase Real Cop Car Driver game, you may become a policeman. Your mission is varied, engaging, and stimulating. Start patrolling the streets to defend security straight away, as well as conducting chases to combat criminal groups. Players are awarded incentives for successfully completing assignments. Change the look of your automobile and upgrade to a more spectacular version. Action-packed gameplay that guarantees to provide gamers with beautiful, realistic moments down to every frame, sound, and motion. Because this is a fast-paced chase game, players should concentrate on honing their driving abilities by doing tips like braking swiftly when approaching bends.

How To Play

WASD keys are used to control the vehicle's movement. Players may use the handbrake function by pressing the spacebar. The Q key is used to turn on and off the sirens. The F key assists you in exiting the car.

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