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Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset

Tanuki Sunset is an adrenaline-pumping skateboarding game with mind-blowing swings. The following game mechanics are yours for the taking if you master them: you can perform incredible spins and drifts to increase your score and gain access to more game options. The game's new visual style and enticing soundtrack are sure to please. In addition, there will be dangers along the way that must be avoided if you want to score highly. When your points meter is full, you'll be able to spin the roulette wheel and earn extra points. Doing flips, spins, and other acrobatic maneuvers will increase your score.


Turning: L or Left/Right arrow

Drift: Hold A or Space

Make a 180º turning: L or Down arrow

Tanuki Bits: Collect 20 Tanuki Bits to activate the Bonus Roulette

Bonus Roulette: the Bonus Roulette will give you a lot of points. Activate it as often as you can

Picking Up: Little Kit is in trouble very often. Pick the troublemaker up by passing underneath

Dropping Kit Off: Kit's mother is worried sick! Touch the circle next to her to drop Kit off and get a lot of bonus points 

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