Offroad Island

Offroad Island

There are plenty of spectacular races in Offroad Island for people who enjoy the terrain. Don't hesitate to immerse yourself in the fast pace of this race.Surely you will be impressed with the huge collection of vehicles, including trucks, off-road vehicles, etc. In this game, players drive in a vast jungle setting filled with strange things to explore. The scene is created with extremely realistic 3D graphics, helping to increase the player experience. It's time to drive your car and enjoy every corner of this place. Every time the car rolls around, the player feels a thrill of excitement. Don't forget to do red dot missions, from which you can earn income that opens up opportunities to own new tools.


  • There are diverse vehicles for players to choose from.
  • The jungle terrain is vast, with countless corners to explore.
  • Diverse red dot missions.
  • Feel free to customize the details of the car.

How To Play

  • Drive = W,A,S,D/ arrow keys
  • Change view = “C”
  • Aparecer = “V”
  • Off-Road Equipment = “G”
  • Pause = “P”
  • Return = “R”
  • Turn on/off light = “L”
  • Rear View Camera = “V”

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