Clean Road 2

Clean Road 2

Players may operate a snow plow during a severe snowstorm in Clean Road 2. Will you be able to conquer the extra hurdles along the snow-covered road? Snow must be removed off the road in order for the player to complete their mission. On the other hand, the sequence of obstacles that appear on this path varies from round to round. Therefore, it is necessary for players to make use of their driving talents in order to navigate around the obstacles and clear the path. Note that maintaining control of your speed is still something that is vital to you at this moment. You can commit to memory the location of the obstacles in front of you and execute a dodge reflex. Besides, you can consider playing the driving game Car Crash Star, which is really popular right now. This is certainly an arcade game that is very much worth playing.

How To Play

You can always skillfully bypass obstacles by using the WASD keys or arrow keys

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