Motor Cycle Beach Stunt

Motor Cycle Beach Stunt

Motor Cycle Beach Stunt is a thrilling adventure game that takes place on a beautiful beach. Have you driven on sand banks to acquire and move items? It sounds crazy, but it makes a lot of sense in the mode Transport of this perfect virtual world. In this part, the game will consist of a total of ten missions, each of which requires players to move square wooden blocks to the appropriate location once they have been placed there. It is possible to say that every single game mode represents a separate mission. The playing style of Standard mode is relatively similar to that of Island mode. In that the participants will make use of the trampoline in this area in order to leap up to the rings within the allotted time frame of seventy-five to ninety seconds.

How To Play

It is important to keep in mind the following keys in order to ensure that the game runs smoothly: the player may move the motorcycle by using the arrow keys or the WASD buttons.

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