Advanced Air Combat Simulator

Advanced Air Combat Simulator

In the Advanced Air Combat Simulator, you can engage in intense aerial combat with your aircraft. Take down enemies and emerge as the ultimate champion. The sky combat terrain provides an expansive playground for you to freely navigate and engage. With the aid of the targeting reticle, you can meticulously target and eliminate adversaries, causing rival aircraft to shatter into fragments. Furthermore, unleash devastating firepower with a mere flick of your controls. It's critical to strategically deploy these abilities to triumph over all AI opponents across the multitude of impressive levels the game offers. Explore the game's two distinct gameplay modes, each designed to offer its own unique allure, aimed at elevating the player experience and ensuring maximum enjoyment throughout.

How To Play

  • Menu: Tab
  • Move: W, A, S, D
  • Shoot: Left-click
  • Change The Camera: “C”

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