Amazing Airplane Racer

Amazing Airplane Racer

Amazing Airplane Racer opens an air race for those who love conquering high altitudes. The speed plane is ready, waiting for you to step on and master it. The racetrack is designed extremely meticulously, it makes players gasp in amazement because of its authenticity. Navigating a plane to participate in a challenge is something that requires a high level of skill and strategy. To outshine your opponents, give yourself a competitive edge by collecting power-ups like turbo boosters. In addition, the game also offers a two-player mode. When you have free time, you can compare your racing skills to those of your friends. It will definitely be a memorable experience worth trying.

Games Modes

The Solo mode splits into three smaller modes:

  • Championship: In this mode, there are four locked levels, each of which requires players to reach a certain rank in order to open.
  • Arcade: Provides a variety of routes for players to choose from. Aside from that, players will race against AI.
  • Time Trial: Also provides a variety of contexts, like in the Arcade section. However, the point to note is that the player must complete the track before the time runs out.

Verus is the second largest mode, it is divided into two small modes, Championship and Arcade, like in the Solo section. The only difference is that you will participate in the race in two-player mode.

How To Play

Airplane navigation

  • Player 1: WASD
  • Player 2: Arrow keys

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