Asphalt Retro

Asphalt Retro

Asphalt Retro is a pixel game, it brings players back many years because of its classic nature. Get ready for a thrilling race full of nostalgia. The goal that needs to be accomplished right now is to try your best to reach the finish line on this busy road. Besides, know how to take advantage of what you have to defeat opponents, such as using turbo at the right time. This is an exciting racetrack with formidable opponents. Will you successfully overcome all challenges and successfully reach the finish line? It's time to get in the car, hold the steering wheel, and beat other racers spectacularly.

Game Modes

You can choose one of the following two modes: Instant Play or Arcade, each has its own charm. There are up to eight separate race tracks corresponding to eight different locations in the Arcade mode (Route 66, New York, Paris, Vladivostok, Luxor, Siracusa, Tokyo, and London). Besides, players can also choose one of eight powerful cars that the game provides, each with its own impressive features.

How To Play

  • Steer  = Left/right arrow keys
  • Brake = Down arrow key
  • Drift = Double- press the left/right arrow keys
  • Pause = “Esc”
  • Activate a boost = Up arrow key

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