Burning Wheels: Kitchen Rush

Burning Wheels: Kitchen Rush

Burning Wheels: Kitchen Rush is a fantastic indoor racing game. This game has a really amazing racetrack, allowing players to explore every corner. You are not the only vehicle in each round, there are as many as five other vehicles racing with you. Not only does the game have visuals that are really stunning, but it also has a wide variety of different game tracks to choose from. Unblocked them sequentially, along with the extreme racing vehicles, to surmount all the obstacles the game presents. Additionally, you have the option to play in either a single-player or multiplayer mode, depending on your preference. In this paradise of speed, it is time to go completely insane. Playing through spectacular gaming rounds will allow you to break past your limitless talents.

How To Play

  • Control = WASD = Arrow key
  • Power Up = “W”
  • Brake = Space
  • Pause = “P”
  • Camera = “C”
  • Mute = “M”

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