Bus Driver

Bus Driver

Bus Driver is a fun bus driving game with cute graphics. Players take on the role of a driver, picking up and dropping off passengers at destinations. Let's find out what a bus driver does. In this game, you learn how to drive a bus through extremely difficult turns to perform tasks along the way. Then comes how to pick up and drop off passengers when arriving at the stop. After each customer arrives at their stop, the player receives some money. Accumulate them to upgrade your bus. Although the game has simple colors and gameplay, it gives players a strange feeling of peace. Are you ready to get to work? The guests are waiting for you. Good luck!


  • Cute 3D graphics
  • Easy controls suitable for everyone.
  • Helps players understand bus driving activities.
  • The game pace is slow, helping to relax.

How To Play

  • Mouse - Back down, Close/open the bus door.
  • WASD/ Arrow keys - Move

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