Car Parking School

Car Parking School

If you want to learn how to drive a car to the parking lot perfectl, click to play Car Parking School game right away. This game will show you to park a car in the right way and you can also entertain in your free time, too. How convenient! Just fill your name and your age first, then start the parking lessons. You can choose your favorite car but if you are new to this game, there are some locked cars that you need to win money to unlock. Other features such as brakes, speed and engine also need at least $1000 to upgrade. Moreover, the EDM music will burn the air of your winning, with the time playing this game, you will feel extremely entertained. Click now to have some fun!

Game controls:

A, W, D: Control the car

R: Switch gear

C: Change camera

H: Horn

Space: Handbrake

Esc: Pause game

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