City Driver: Destroy Car

City Driver: Destroy Car

Prepare for a crazy car destruction experience with City Driver: Destroy Car! Save money, buy new cars, and destroy them to pieces in the landfill! City Driver: Destroy Car is a unique car destruction simulation game where your goal is to smash your car in the most powerful way. Each scratch will give you some money. Destroy your cars more and more, get more coins, and use them to buy new cars and upgrade them. Save money and buy new cars to continue the chain of destruction. Upgrade your car to increase its power and destructive performance. Experience impressive graphics, creating vivid and dramatic destruction scenes.

City Driver: Destroy Car is not only an entertaining game but also a destructive adventure with the goal of destroying cars. Are you ready to face the challenge of destruction and accumulate more money to become the owner of new and more powerful cars? Let's start the journey of destruction and enjoy the fun of smashing cars!

How To Play

  • The keyboard and mouse are used for controlling.

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