City Rider

City Rider

There was a time when City Rider was a popular online speed game. A wide range of vehicle options are made available to players in this game. With only one push, players are able to modify the style of the vehicle to anything they like. On top of that, City Rider provides a wide selection of exceptional maps from which to choose and choose. Several settings are available for players to modify under the Options Menu. Now, let's blow up the course with your incredible driving ability. In addition, take pleasure in the breathtaking cities, tight corners, and spectacular drifting vistas. High-speed fans will find that this place, which is characterized by complete freedom, is great for them to immerse themselves in.

How To Play

  • To change the light indications, use the E, Q, and Z keys.
  • The C key allows you to change cameras.
  • Press key one or two to change the vehicle type.
  • To use the handbrake, press space. For Nitro, tap the F key.

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