Cookie Clicker

Cookie Clicker

You can try playing Cookie Clicker at any moment while working, studying, or doing anything else. It is currently the most popular idle game. Clicking on the cookie that comes on the screen is your objective in this game. For each click, you'll keep getting a cookie. As your cookie total increases, enhancements are available to boost the quantity of cookies each click.

The following is a list of the updates in this clickable game that will be shown once you have gathered the required number of cookies:

  • Once every 10 seconds on autopilot once you've collected 15 cookies.
  • GRANDMA says when you've eaten 100 cookies. You'll get more cookies from a loving granny who will show up. Your cookie business will prosper as a result of this kind woman; initially, the neighborhood will begin to gush over your products, and subsequently, the entire town will be aware of them.
  • To grow your company and produce more cookies, invest in a cookie FARM.
  • MINE: to scavenge sweets from deep below the Earth
  • FACTORY: After removing a sizable number of cookies from the mine, you will need to produce cookies on a large scale.
  • Rise to stardom and the cookie ECONOMY alters the environment around it; for instance, rivers are polluted by chocolate, and there is an epidemic of obesity. However, according to experts, due to widespread addiction, "cookies permeate the economy" and "we cannot live without cookies."
  • The cookie has gained so much popularity that it has been accepted as legal money by all BANKS.
  • At the TEMPLES, a huge number of people prayed for Baker. Since you may produce hundreds of thousands of cookies every second, everything finally becomes too much.
  • In the next level, build WIZARD TOWERS and ALCHEMY LABS to summon cookies.
  • Following that, a SHIP will take you to an extraterrestrial world.
  • You can then use extra PORTALS to access parallel dimensions if necessary, eating millions of cookies every second.

How To Play

  • Click repeatedly on the large cookie in the middle of your screen
  • When you can unlock upgrades, you can create more value with just one click
  • Try to create as much value as possible and build an enormous cookie empire in the universe
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