Craft Drill

Craft Drill

Craft Drill is a simulation game that allows you to engage in exciting mining and crafting adventures while also learning the ins and outs of drilling, crafting, and the art of strategic resource extraction. Using a rope-hung drill, your objective is to mine the depths of various islands for precious minerals, coal, diamonds, and iron. With a modest $500 to get you started, you can make some fundamental workout tweaks. You can see the valuable materials being deposited onto conveyor belts as they are pushed through a hopper by means of wooden attachments as they tear through rock and dirt. Your drill will evolve from a simple engine into sophisticated equipment that can move left and right as you earn money by selling and transporting these resources. under the earth. Get more out of your drill by upgrading the motor, the length of the cable, and the accessories. To remove hard-to-reach boulders, try using a jackhammer instead of a shovel or pick, or switch out the wooden attachments for metal ones. Spin the lucky wheel or open treasure boxes to win free cash and explosive fees; these are just a few of the new ways to generate money in Craft Drill.

Unlock the gateway to upgrades by clicking on the green arrow. Invest your initial funds wisely to refine specific attachments. Next, set the drill in motion to load the conveyor belt with soil, simultaneously filling voids as you delve into the excavation process. Remember the cardinal rule: withhold the sale of ingredients until the truck achieves maximum capacity. Propel your drilling capabilities to new heights by continuously implementing improvements. Re-immerse yourself in the rhythm of digging and leveling up. Progress to the next stage by satisfying the left-hand gauge adorned with the blue flag. Seamlessly transition between the subterranean drilling view and the surface traffic perspective using the arrows conveniently positioned below the gauge.

In Craft Drill, you can feel the rush of digging, the delight of making, and the contentment of strategically upgrading. Prepare yourself for drills, hone your concentration, and discover what lies beneath!

How To Play

  • Keyboard: To control the drill, use the arrow keys.
  • Mouse: Operate the drill by clicking and dragging the buttons.
  • Mobile device: Control the drill by tapping the buttons and dragging your finger or stylus.

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