Crashy Racing

Crashy Racing

Crashy Racing is a chaotic demolition derby racing game with wacky characters and outlandish power-ups. Players select their racer from a cast of oddball creatures and monsters, then compete against others on creatively designed tracks.

The tracks are littered with obstacles, ramps, and hazards designed to cause massive crashes. Colliding with other racers also contributes to their demise. Players can collect power-ups such as oil slicks, missiles, tornadoes, and more to cause even more mass pile-ups.

Crashy Racing has a vibrant, cartoonish appearance, with each character and vehicle sporting silly exaggerated designs. Tracks are set in bizarre settings such as alien planets, pirate ships, haunted mansions, and dinosaur lands.

The gameplay combines racing fundamentals such as drift boosting and drafting with chaotic combat. Precision driving can assist you in avoiding hazards, while well-timed power-ups can wipe out the entire pack in a single explosion.

How To Play

It is played with the arrow keys and mouse.

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