Extreme Toy Race

Extreme Toy Race

Extreme Toy Race is a racing game for one or two players about controlling toy cars, trucks, vans and other vehicles. Locations in the game include:

  • Pedralbes Speedway is a pink bedroom with desk and moving box
  • Zandvoort Speedway is the blue kitchen and dining area
  • Monsato Speedway is an outdoor venue with a beach theme, complete with old wooden fences, inflatables and sun umbrellas.

Players in Extreme Toy Race are provided with a variety of free vehicles to choose from. Over time, they can also unlock more. Authentic drifting, skid marks, and toy and adult vehicle physics are present in all game modes. The game does not flip over vehicles automatically when they topple over. The toy car might also crash to the floor if the track has ramps or tables. Once the race or timer goes off, the player is free to explore an open world or play an exploration game.

How To Play

There are two types of race:

  • Arcade: They must defeat seven other toy cars over the course of three rounds
  • Time Trial: This mode requires players to cross the finish line within a specified amount of time

Only Arcade races are available to them in Multiplayer mode.

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