Gorilla Adventure

Gorilla Adventure

Welcome to the sci-fi world in Gorilla Adventure, where players need to be really persistent. Let's use your intelligent strategy to conquer the challenges. Players may reach unprecedented heights with just a few basic motions. The fascinating aspects of modern culture are there, be patient to harvest the amazing rewards. In this game, the player controls the actions of a gorilla stranded in an iron box. This is a barrier that adds tremendous difficulty to the game. So, how does the character move? A hammer is the gorilla's sole tool for moving. Players must make full use of it. Regardless of how tough the adventure is, the end result is well worth it. I hope you have a pleasant, relaxing time. And if you like this game, don't miss out on Blue Mushroom Cat Run, a fantastic running game.

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the gorilla's movement through the hammer.

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