Hard Truck

Hard Truck

Let the driving game, Hard Truck, test your mind on difficult roads. There are many puzzles here related to how to get the car to its destination. It can be said that getting the car to its destination is not an easy journey. Balancing your vehicle while moving is extremely necessary. Moreover, the roads drawn are not seamless. Therefore, you can fall into space at any time. Therefore, players need to train themselves to master speed. And most of all, patiently observe and learn from failed attempts. Furthermore, as the rounds progress, the path difficulty gradually increases. There are many rounds of gameplay provided for players to freely explore and push themselves to find their own limits.




  • Simple graphics
  • This game's controls are simple to understand.
  • Improve players' patience.
  • Provides many challenging rounds.

How To Play

Cleverly use the mouse to reach the finish line safely.

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