Impossible Track Car Stunt

Impossible Track Car Stunt

Impossible Track Car Stunt is a physics-based stunt driving game where players navigate precarious obstacle courses in impossible vehicles. Defying physics is the name of the game. Unlike realistic driving sims, the wacky tracks feature giant see-saws, loops, massive jumps, and teeter-totters. Cars can flex, stretch, and stick to surfaces as you master the ridiculous tracks. Vehicles range from vans and buses to six-wheeled monster trucks. Upgrades like rocket boosters and bouncy shocks add to the absurdity. Levels range from construction sites to Arctic landscapes.

The intuitive touch controls make flipping, spinning, and landing each vehicle simple as you pull off incredible stunts. Getting into the zone to maintain momentum through the deforming tracks is key. With missions, challenges, and rag doll crash effects, Impossible Track Car Stunt revels in rupturing realism for max fun. Outlandish concepts like driving a bus through a loop deliver endless arcade amusement.

How To Play

Use arrow keys or WASD to play.

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