Off Road Overdrive

Off Road Overdrive

Display your driving skills by keeping the car balanced in Off Road Overdrive. Prove that you always control your car, no matter how hazardous the road is. Perhaps every journey to the finish line isn't straightforward. Aside from making every effort not to allow the car to tip over on undulating roads, collecting fuel is a task of equal significance. The gasoline tank gradually depletes as the vehicle progresses. So, remember to ensure that the gasoline tanks are sufficiently filled to maintain the vehicle's momentum until the end. Furthermore, collecting gold coins could be very beneficial for you. It provides you with chances to access a lot of locked items, which will help you on the long road ahead. Apart from enjoying different terrains in challenge mode, you can also experience many exciting stages in level mode.

Beautiful Terrains To Explore

  • Snow: Default 
  • Beachwear: Locked
  • Field: Locked
  • Desert: Locked
  • Dark Night: Locked

Players need to own a certain amount of gold and reach a certain level to unlock everything.

Impressive Stages

Each of the up to ten stages consists of eight small levels, each with slightly different graphics and difficulties. Players may freely display their finest driving abilities and take advantage of every opportunity the game presents.

Upgrade Options In The Garage

  • Necessary spare parts: Engine, Turbine, Tire, Damping.
  • Types of modern vehicles: Jeep, School bus, Beetle, Pickup truck, Fire truck, Monster truck, Supercar, ORV
  • Decorate: There are two subsections in this area. The first is "car," in which players can choose to change tires and spray paint. The second is "Driver" which has five locked characters: punk girl, cow girl, uncle, and finally hip-hop boy.

Other Outstanding Features

  • In the Shop section, players can exchange diamonds for corresponding gold coins or treasure chests containing many attractive rewards.
  • Participating in daily missions also helps you accumulate many rewards. Don't forget to try your luck in the Luck Draw!

How To Play

Drive and balance = Mouse

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