Offroad Truck Animal Transporter

Offroad Truck Animal Transporter

Offroad Truck Animal Transporter is an animal transport game set in a wild forest environment. Master the art of driving to complete missions excellently. The game has a moderate pace due to its straightforward gameplay. It promises to provide an exceptional environment filled with highly entertaining activities. Players may exclaim in surprise because the game's visuals were so realistic at every turn. Furthermore, the game has a variety of tasks and difficulties. For example, typical conditions include rough terrain, severe weather, and so forth. Each task is restricted in time. So, to race against time, one must have both strong focus and excellent driving abilities. Furthermore, there are up to 10 pre-set rounds that players may engage in and conquer. Can you finish the objective in every round?

How To Play

  • Drive the truck = WASD/Arrow keys.
  • Change Camera = “C”

Tips & Tricks

Reach the red spot before time ends, complete the animal delivery, and successfully pass the round. Aside from that, when moving through curves, you must pay attention to your speed.

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