Parking Jam Escape

Parking Jam Escape

Play our brand-new Parking Jam Escape game to learn parking. Rearrange the vehicles in the parking lot so that the bank car can leave and collect the bank's funds. The increasing number of haphazardly parked cars in this game will require you to utilize your intellect in order to succeed. To make the passage wider, move them one at a time. Can you manage it? In this game, your strategy for moving automobiles one at a time to make room is just as important as your brains. A wonderful time!

How To Play

▶ to move the car to the left or right ↔️ - you need to make a swipe on the typewriter, respectively, to the left or right.

▶ to move the car up or down ↕️ - you need to swipe up or down on the car, respectively.

▶ make sure your car can drive out of the parking lot to the right past the road markings.

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