Rally Point 2

Rally Point 2

Rally Point 2 brings stunning 3D graphics and exhilarating off-road rally racing action on all devices. Timed point-to-point races are held between players on dynamically shifting dirt tracks and terrains. To navigate your vehicle through mud, gravel, hills, and hazards, the physics-based handling necessitates expert throttle control and weight shifting. Sports cars with custom options, SUVs, and trucks all offer different driving experiences.

Tracks include rocky desert trails and winding forest paths, all set against believable backdrops. The gameplay is varied by dynamic weather effects like rain and snow. The race experience is fully immersive thanks to the realistic sound design. With its difficult terrain navigation and vehicle physics, Rally Point 2 accurately captures the perilous thrills of authentic rally driving. Each vehicle's advanced control options enable traction, suspension, and other changes. The challenge is catered to in casual and simulation modes. Can you master challenging courses to win the driving championship?

How To Play

[ArrowKeys] / [WASD] - Steer.

[Shift] / [X] - Drift

[Space] / [Z] - Nitro

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