Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing

Riders Downhill Racing allows you to experience the excitement of driving down difficult roads. This is an amazing bike racing game that you should try. Are you ready for this extremely amazing journey? There are countless things to explore here, and you can also invite friends to join the two-player mode in this game. This is probably an interesting feature that you should not miss. The rounds exhibit meticulous design, presenting a multitude of challenges. Can you master them all? There are up to three different game modes to test your skills, join quickly to experience all of them. Good luck!


  • In the Garage section, there are many items for players to choose from, such as: Character (costume, helmet, backpack, goggles), Bicycle, ATV, Motorcycle, and Boat.
  • Players can participate in side missions such as Daily Gifts and Lucky Spin.
  • There are many game modes for players to discover.
  • Allows for two modes of play.

How To Play

Player 1

  • Move =  W, A, S, D
  • Jump Up = “Q”
  • Parachute  =  “Z”
  • Nitro = “SHIFT”
  • Switch Vehicle = “TAB”
  • Change camera = “C”
  • Restart = “R”

Player 2

  • Move = Arrow keys
  • Jump Up = “K”
  • Parachute = “P”
  • Nitro = “M”
  • Select = “ENTER”
  • Change camera = “K”
  • Restart = “L”

Game Details

  • Publish: 2024
  • Language: English, Arabic, Russian, Turkish
  • Company: RHM Interactive

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