ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

ROD Multiplayer Car Driving

ROD Multiplayer Car Driving gives you the ultimate online multiplayer car racing simulation experience and a great way to control crazy cars in a huge 3d metropolis against everyone. It's available from all over the world. Prepare yourself for the thrilling, thrilling street races, adventurous parkour, and bloody shows you can take part in. In intense face-to-face and online multiplayer races, you'll compete against over 500,000 gamers. Get ready for not one but many thrilling battles, you can simultaneously eliminate the opponents who stand in your way. Train your skills as well as powerful combat in ROD Multiplayer Car Driving. The fun comes from all the details in this game. You can enjoy it any time!

How To Play

Move the racing car with the arrow keys

Put a ramp in front of you with the T key

Switch cameras with C

Shoot rockets with the mouse

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