Save The Egg

Save The Egg

With a unique twist, the hill-climbing racing game Save The Egg challenges players to steer a vehicle while perched on an egg, with the sole objective being to avoid dropping the egg. Seems simple, doesn't it? Rethink that plan; the terrain is rough, the hills are steep, and you'll have a tough time overcoming gravity. Careful and expert driving is required to avoid losing the egg and the game if you can't keep the car and egg balanced. Along with collecting stars and coins, you must go the furthest distance possible. Stars unlock new levels and environments, while coins buy new cars and eggs. You can have a great time for hours playing Save The Egg, a game that challenges your driving, physics, and logic abilities. The game's realistic audio, vibrant visuals, and responsive controls are sure to please. Compete against your friends or against the clock to see who can drive the furthest while rescuing the egg. Playing this game will be an exhilarating experience that will leave you craving more.

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