Super Car CHASE

Super Car CHASE

Super Car CHASE is an exhilarating top-down retro arcade-style car chase game that will put your driving skills to the test. Choose from a variety of supercars before hitting the streets in Story mode to elude the law in dozens of missions.

To escape the pursuing police, you'll need to expertly navigate around traffic, take sharp turns, drift, and avoid roadblocks using responsive touch or tilt controls. Drive at breakneck speed while avoiding collisions with oncoming vehicles. The intensity increases with each near-miss with a police vehicle.

Super Car CHASE captures the thrill of an 80s-style police chase with vibrant 3D graphics and a catchy synthwave soundtrack. Compete on leaderboards, customize your vehicle, and unlock new supercars. Recognize difficulties, such as avoiding police helicopters or crossing long bridges. This is the pinnacle of retro car chase action. Can you taste your hard-won freedom and shake off the heat? Get behind the wheel and accelerate quickly!

How To Play

PC: Use A-D or Right and Left arrow keys to move the player car

Mobile: Press on right and left of the screen to move the player car

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