Turn Over Master

Turn Over Master

Unique and great tracks have been meticulously designed to welcome you to the world of the Turn Over Master game. Players may experience daring perils here. Accompanied by action scenes such as the flipping, spinning, and rolling of your extremely cool car, arousing the excitement of those who are passionate about thrilling games. What makes the game so attractive is probably the challenge and diverse terrain. Accompanied by extremely impressive 3D images. In addition, it is also something to test your driving ability. Are you really a proficient motorist? At first, just calmly observe the road ahead, then start making jumps. Of course, we can't forget to land safely.

How To Play

  • To do risky tricks or accelerate, players just simply press and hold the left mouse button.
  • To maneuver the car and make successful flips, players utilize the arrow keys or WASD key combination.

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