Zombie Drive

Zombie Drive

Relish the sensation of destroying every zombie that is on the road in Zombie Drive. Now is the moment to get into your automobile and go straight forward. It's amazing that this world is full of zombies, they are scattered on the road. But don't worry, your car is designed to be able to crash straight into them and destroy them to accumulate points. However, it's the obstacles along the way that can cause your game to end, not the zombies. If you encounter an obstacle repeatedly without enough time to gather repair materials, your car will sustain damage. So this is an opportunity for players to practice their driving skills. To collect help, players must wriggle through relatively thick road obstacles. I wish you interesting gaming experiences.


With 3D design and vivid movements in every detail, Zombie Drive promises to take you to a thrilling world of driving. At the same time, it gives players an unforgettable experience.

How To Play

Use the mouse to control your direction.

Play Zombie Drive free

Players may participate in this game at Hill Climb Racing, which is available online and does not charge any fees.

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