Boat Merge & Race

Boat Merge & Race

Merge two identical boats to create one with superior features in Boat Merge & Race. Then, embark on your own exhilarating river racing adventure. The race is intense, featuring formidable AI opponents. Keeping the boat balanced is critical for defeating them. To upgrade your vehicle, you must collect 50 boats and 17 essential props. Each race earns you coins, strategically used to purchase and merge new boats. Stay on track to increase your chances of discovering the fastest models. Remember that your earnings grow, allowing you to upgrade to the best vehicle version once your economy stabilizes. It's time to conquer the game with these balance-challenging tracks. Have fun!

How To Play

Press, hold and move the mouse to navigate the direction of the boat.

Strategies And Tips For Success

Maintain balance for your boat. Otherwise, jumping from high terrain could cause it to sink and end the round.

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