Crazy Drift

Crazy Drift

Buckle up for Crazy Drift's irrational, physics-defying drifting! With one objective in mind—pull off insane drifts around corners for the most points—this arcade-style racer puts you in the driver's seat of high-powered vehicles. In order to advance through the game, you must chain together drift combos by slaloming through turns at breakneck speed. To keep your combo multiplier running and cover the track in smoking tire trails, time your handbrake slides perfectly.

You can navigate through picturesque coastal roads, city streets, and other environments with responsive tilt-to-steer controls. Discover new drift vehicles to master, each with unique performance characteristics. Crazy Drift presents a humorous, inflated view of drift racing. Everything about it is delightfully bonkers, from the Hot-Wheels-inspired tracks to the emergency brake drifting. Intoxicating risk-reward showboating is produced by combo chasing. Time to go bonkers!

How To Play

Use arrows to move the car.

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