Devil Dash

Devil Dash

Enjoy every insane dance move exhilarating experience in Devil Dash. The demanding journeys in this game should make an indelible impact on gamers. It's time to smash all your limits with the difficult challenges the game offers. The game boasts extremely impressive graphics and evokes a sense of intense intensity. It clearly portrays the game's main theme: demons. Each level presents a uniquely designed challenge that is highly desirable, featuring elements such as pits, pushes, coins, and controls. Don't hesitate to show off your ingenious skills to conquer each stage. After mastering the traps, nothing can challenge you. So don't be afraid of having to start over again and again; those stumbles will help you see how the traps work.

How To Play

  • control: A/D or left/right arrow keys.
  • Jump up: Spacebar or “W” or up arrow key.

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