Drift Race 3D

Drift Race 3D

High-octane racing action and drifting excitement are available in 3D graphics in Drift Race 3D. Players maneuver their vehicles into controlled sideslip drifts around corners as they speed through winding tracks. It is simple to understand but difficult to master due to realistic physics and responsive controls. To steer, tap the left or right sides of the screen. Use drift and nitro boosts wisely. Exactly when to drift through checkpoints and defeat enemies.

With graphics that are on par with consoles, the game brings the excitement and skill of drifting to mobile devices. take first place, rule the world leaderboards, and perform sick drift moves. The subtle control differences set good drivers apart from great ones. Drift Race 3D offers a compelling balance of realism and usability, whether you're new to drift racing or a seasoned pro. The stunning visuals and simple controls combine for gripping drifting action. Can you develop into the ultimate nomad?

How To Play

Tap to turn right, and release to turn left

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