Elastic Car 2

Elastic Car 2

Elastic Car 2 is the next installment in the amazing "Elastic Car" game series. Not only are the graphics impressive, but the gameplay is also exceptional. Cars with unique elastic designs have successfully left an indelible mark in the hearts of players. The game provides a variety of car models and styles for players to choose from. This motivates players to earn coins so they can unlock the ultimate car collection. Above all, there are top-notch vehicle upgrade features to suit each terrain. To conquer all five arcade levels plus two game modes (Crash test and business), players should use the upgrade feature wisely in addition to their superior driving skills. It's time to explore this magical virtual world. Sit in your car and enjoy the moment with Elastic Car 2.

How To Play

  • Drive = left, right arrow keys
  • Handbrake = Spacebar

Tips and Tricks

Upgrade several critical elements to ensure your vehicle can handle a variety of conditions. Crash Test mode allows players to practice and become comfortable with a variety of terrains. You'll be more prepared once you've gotten used to it and started completing arcade levels. Don't forget to accumulate coins as a foundation for further enhancements.

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