Flying Car Game Police Games

Flying Car Game Police Games

Are you prepared to experience the excitement of flying and driving in Flying Car Game Police Games? If you're interested, you can try out these flying car driving games that combine elements of real flying and driving car simulator games. Discover additional hidden features in your police flying car simulator game. When you deactivate the flying feature while airborne, your car has the ability to perform flips and execute impressive jumps. This Police Flying Car Game 3D combines the thrilling elements of both flying and driving into one exciting experience. Enjoy fly mission with police cars!

How To Play

  • W: accelerate
  • A: steer left
  • S: backward
  • D: steer right
  • I: instruction
  • F: flying/landing
  • C: cursor lock/unlock
  • R: reset car
  • H: siren
  • Esc/P: pause
  • L-Shift: nitro
  • Mouse left: fire

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