Flying Cars Era

Flying Cars Era

Flying Cars Era is a fun futuristic racing game where players speed through cityscapes in levitating anti-gravity vehicles. As the name suggests, it imagines a world where flying cars have become the norm. You can customize and upgrade a growing collection of sleek flying cars that handle with intuitive tilt controls. Race modes have you competing against other hover drivers on winding aerial tracks with multiple routes through detailed neon cityscapes. Performing loops, corkscrews and slingshot maneuvers offers an exhilarating sense of freedom from racing unbound by gravity. New vehicles introduce abilities like boost jets and traction fields that add variety.

The vibrant retro-futuristic visuals, driving dubstep soundtrack, and cartoon driver personalities provide an immersive sci-fi experience. Unlockable car skins and garage decor keep progression engaging. For a fresh racing concept realized through imaginative courses and liberating anti-gravity mechanics, Flying Cars Era lets you live out your visions of the future today. It captures the thrill of no-limits flying car racing within stylish futuristic worlds.

How To Play

  • Single player mode:
    • Move: W,A,S,D or ARROW KEYS
    • Hand brake: SPACE
    • Reset car position: R
    • Look back: B
  • Two-player mode:
    • Player 1:
      • Move: ARROW KEYS
      • Hand brake: P
      • Reset car position: O
      • Look back: L
    • Player 2:
      • Move: W,A,S,D
      • Hand brake: SPACE
      • Reset car position: R
      • Look back: T
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