FlyWay Duo Race

FlyWay Duo Race

FlyWay Duo Race is a racing game with a relatively fresh track that you should test right now. The game supports two-player gameplay. Furthermore, in the "shop" area, users may unlock a variety of different skins or purchase extra supports to aid in the gameplay. To do this, users must first join the game and gather a large number of diamonds. This racing voyage is not simple, and you may plunge into space at any point. Accompanied by impediments that may cause your automobile to explode. So there must be some kind of control. It's time to join this fantastic fight of speed. Click play now to experience some wonderful moments.

How To Play

  • In single-player mode, you may use either the WASD or arrow keys.
  • When you choose two-player mode, the first player will utilize the WASD keys while the second player will operate the car using the arrow keys.

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