Grand Cyber City

Grand Cyber City

When players visit Grand Cyber City, they will be startled by the unique things there. This is a surreal-themed virtual driving game. Promising to create strong ripples in the hearts of gamers. People who are interested in vehicles like motorcycles, bicycles, cars, rockets, and even parachutes will find paradise here. Another unique feature is that the game enables players to play in two-player mode. As a result, people might ask friends or family to join them in their leisure time to have more fun. After selecting a vehicle for yourself, let's join the road of this game to discover the mystical world here. Don't forget to gather the goodies scattered along the way.

How To Play

If you choose single-player mode:

  • To control the movement of your vehicle, you have the option to utilize either the WASD key combination or the arrow keys.
  • To use weaponry, hit the Q or E keys.
  • Depress the shift key or press the letter N to activate the Nitrous Oxide System (NOS).
  • To see what is situated behind, the player must depress the T key.
  • To initiate a reset of your car, depress the R key.
  • The C key serves the purpose of altering the camera.

If players choose the two-player mode:

  • Player 1: Utilize the WASD key combination for movement. The Shift/N key is used to activate the Nitrous Oxide System (NOS). To access the gun, just hit the F key. To get a view of the area behind the vehicle, depress the T key. To initiate a reset of the automobile, depress the R key. Press the C key to change the camera.
  • Player 2: Like player 1, uses the arrow keys to manipulate the car's direction according to their preferences. To activate the Nitrous Oxide System, use the M key. To activate a weapon, depress the J key. Observe the scenario afterward and utilize the L key. To initiate a reset of the car, just depress the U key. To switch the camera, the player only has to hit the O key.

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