Stretchy Road Car

Stretchy Road Car

Are you ready for an exciting adventure on endlessly stretchy roads in the Stretchy Road Car? You will participate in a space race where you need to create your own path to overcome difficult platforms and constantly search for the next one. Be careful and don't fall halfway!

The game will keep track of your score based on distance traveled or the number of platforms gained. Try to achieve the highest score.

Ready to experience endless adventure and challenge in a Stretchy Road Car? Join now to explore this exciting adventure!

How To Play

  • Start Game: Start the game on your device.
  • Touch and Hold: Extend the path by touching and holding the screen.
  • Create a Path: Your goal is to extend the path as far as possible to reach the next platform.
  • Random Platform Generation: Platforms will appear at random intervals, creating a varied challenge.
  • Keep Stretching: Repeat the tap-and-hold process to create a path, reach, and land on new platforms.
  • Avoid Falls: Be careful not to fall between the platforms. Patience and control skills are the keys to overcoming all challenges.

Control Instructions:

  • Touch and Hold: To create a track, just touch and hold the screen.
  • Release: Release the nozzle to stop sugaring.

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