Grand Truck Simulator

Grand Truck Simulator

Grand Truck Simulator, a great driving simulation game, allows you to explore the modern city. It's time to enjoy the nice experiences this game offers. A special task is set for you for a specified period of time. As a skilled truck driver, prove that obstacles are not difficult for you. Successfully reach the finish line and receive great rewards. If you pay attention, you can see that the top of the truck also carries an animal. Therefore, the weight of the vehicle also increases, reducing its ability to move. There's one more small thing: if you're not sure which direction to go, don't worry too much. The green arrows will direct your path. It's time to make this journey brilliant with your talent. Play the game now to create unforgettable moments.


  • The combination of fluid motions and striking 3D graphics creates an engaging playground.
  • There are interesting and varied missions that are not at all boring.
  • Limited time heightens the game's excitement.
  • Helps increase steering ability through curves.

How To Play

  • Drive: WASD = Arrow Keys = Mouse

Tips And Tricks

Balance the vehicle's moving speed and avoid colliding with obstacles. Because it takes time for you to get back on track, the task may not be completed on time.

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