Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster

Hobo Speedster is a fun motorcycle racing game that takes place on impressively rough roads. Join now to experience rare and wonderful moments. The road's meticulously designed obstacles will surprise you. Every step along the way is an extraordinarily interesting experience. It's really no exaggeration to say that this is a game with extremely impressive and challenging racing tracks. Throughout the game, it becomes evident that maintaining the motorcycle's balance is crucial. In addition, the gold coins you collect along the way are indeed useful. Several accessories that improve the overall experience of playing the game are available for purchase.

A Few Small Tips For You

Balance control

  • Adjusting the rider's weight is important to keep the bike balanced. If not, you can turn over at any time and end the round.
  • Observe the terrain and adjust speed accordingly.
  • In places with high terrain, it is necessary to maintain a steady pace.


Each level is meticulously designed, with countless impressive things waiting for you to discover. The terrain increasingly challenges your driving ability.


  • The coins or diamonds you earn unlock increased speed, improved suspension, and many other features.
  • On tough course sections, you can activate any power.

Locked Items

  • Diverse characters such as Punk Girl, Handsome Guy, Cowgirl, or Hip Hop Boy.
  • Provides many colors, increasing your choices for your motorcycle.
  • Once you have enough trophies, you can unlock the sea background.
  • Unlock the next levels, such as Off-roader, Harley, and Supermoto, with a certain number of cups you achieve.

How To Play

Control: A,D/ left, right arrow keys/ mouse

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